1. Product History

In 1897, a pharmacist by the name of Mr. Maurice Berger strongly felt that the environment in the hospital was altogether dead and demoralizing. He decided to research on the various objects that could improve on the air and atmosphere. Eventually, the man succeeded in creating a delighting air environment.

Mr. Maurice gathered from various types of herbs and plants an extraction commonly known as the essential oil. The essential oil was kept in specially designed diffuser for aesthetics and practical purposes. He then heated the essential oil with a special catalytic burner that could burn at a heat as low as some 60 degree Celsius. The essential oil evaporated gradually over the heat and released into the air the Ozoalcool Isopropyl Alcohol. The procedure was recognized as a new technology of the era. Hence, it was patented in June 1898. Folowing in the pipeline, it received the National New Invention award offered by the French government in 1901. Even in the 20th, it was still been awarded countless patent recognition. Over the century, Lampe Berger aroma therapeutic product has brought about a great improvement to the dwelling environment, especially in hospitals. It has also become the collection items among the French royalties, artists and individual collectors.

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